Organic Baking Ingredients

Our Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Coconut Flour are a few of our latest additions to our Organic products line up. They are made from ethically grown and sourced Coconuts from Sout East Asia.

Healthy and Refreshing Drinks

Our healthy beverages are made completely with fresh ingredients. Believe it or not, the incredible flavors are all natural, with zero preservatives added! Choose Jans’ refreshing beverages to quench your thirst!

Chewy Addictive Candy

These chewy goodness will remind you of your childhood! They’re so good you’ll keep reaching for more. Pssst.. they don’t stick to your teeth too!

Snacking the Right Way!

Snacking just became a whole lot more fun with our irresistible crisps and crackers. From exotic flavors like cassava to crowd favorites like chocolate-covered bananas, our unique, healthy snacks are sure to take your taste buds on a wild adventure!

Delicious Dairy Products!

We carry a variety of dairy products, including three types of sweetened condensed milk. No one gets dairy quite like Jans. All of our products are downright delicious and are made with absolute integrity!

Sweet Refreshing Dessert

Jubes (Juicy Cubes) Nata De Coco is one of the most healthiest dessert you can share with your loved ones. They’re full of fiber, cholesterol-free, and adorably chewy!


Finger-licking Good!

Jans soy sauces and seasonings give your dishes the ‘oomph’ it needs! One dash of our flavorful sauces is all it takes for you to want to add it to all of your favorite entrées! Try them all and pick your favorites!

Spice up your next dish with our flavorful sauces and seasonings!