Jans Matcha Chewy Candy, 4.2 oz , Pack of 6

Jans Matcha Chewy Candy, 4.2 oz , Pack of 6

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  • 40 individually wrapped Matcha Candy
  • Authentic Matcha flavor in every bite
  • Chewy, non-stick candy
  • Loved by adults and kids
  • Cholesterol and fat free

If you love chewy milky candy, you’re in for a treat! Jans Matcha Chewy Candy is rich in flavor and chewiness that will last you ’til your last munch. Made with real Matcha extract, these not-too-sweet chewy candies are going to satisfy your mid-day cravings. What’s more? These candies don’t stick on your teeth (unlike other taffy and chewy candies out there.) What are you waiting for? Try all three flavors today!

Case Spec 20 x 4.2 Oz
Case Weight 6 lbs
Case Dimension

12.5″ x 9″ x 7.5″

UPC Unit: 838452005638
Case: 838452005645
Pallet Quantity 126 cases
Pallet Configuration ( Ti x Hi ) 18 x 7
Container 5000 cases
40’ container

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