Jans Soursop Juice, 8.45 fl. oz, Pack of 24

Jans Soursop Juice, 8.45 fl. oz, Pack of 24

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  • 100% All Natural Juice

Jans Soursop Juices are blended to make the best-tasting All Natural 100% Juices from the best of what nature intended. This premium juice of soursop contains soursop puree and splash of natural pear juice as sweeteners to ensure delicious healthy natural Soursop Juices. No Added Sugar. We crack and squeeze fruits to bring out the best nutrients to serve you with everyday fresh fruits’ drinks.

  • Sold in 24 Units


Case Spec 24 x 8.82 oz.
Case Weight 15 lbs
Case Dimension

13.5” x 7” x 6”

UPC Unit: 838452003436
Case: 838452003559
Pallet Quantity 147 cases
Pallet Configuration ( Ti x Hi ) 21 x 7
Container 40’ container

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